Obra Social El Roure of Fundació Sanitària Mollet works to improve the dignified living conditions of vulnerable people in our territory by working to prevent stigma, poverty and social exclusion.

To do this, we develop different projects that focus on the elderly, people with mental health problems and people with intellectual disabilities. 

Social Kitchen

More than 40 meals a day

The Mollet Social Kitchen, managed jointly with Caritas, offers a daily meal to more than 40 people every day . Most of them are people from our Mental Health Service. For many of them, the Social Kitchen is the only space for interrelationship and communication they have and volunteers work hand in hand with service professionals to offer the best possible support.

Social Housing

2 apartments to deal with double social exclusion

The Social Cohabitation Flats project seeks to create alliances to achieve new flats with social contracts adapted to the possibilities of people with mental health issues that come to our Mental Health and Addictions Service. This project addresses the double social exclusion that these people suffer, exclusion due to poverty and exclusion due to mental illness and offers them decent living conditions.

We currently have two flats, managed by the Fundació Mambré and ceded by the Mútua de Socors Mutus de Mollet and the Parròquia de Mollet.

Music Theraphy

Stimulating communication, emotions and well-being

Music therapy adapted to the needs of each person can improve mood, develop the brain and promote communication, mobility and expression, among others.

It is currently performed for people with intellectual disabilities and people with mental health problems.

Animal Assisted Theraphy

Animal interaction as a sensory enhancement

Animal Assisted Therapy allows people the opportunity to improve many physical, psychological and social aspects as the interaction with these animals generate a multisensory stimulus and promote autonomy and personal well-being.

Evoca Virtual Reality

Music therapy and virtual reality for people with Alzheimer’s

Virtual reality combined with music therapy allows people with Alzheimer’s to evoke important parts of their lives, their families, of his favorite music or movies and even about his childhood home. Through virtual reality we transport them in a moment and space where to remember, recall and work on cognitive abilities and memory. With the help of Maria Grever School of Music adn Amacat, we are reaching out to more people every day.

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